Second debate Flemish vision on the European Union

  • December 8, 2016

On December 7th the second in a series of three Flemish EU debates took place. This debate's theme was "Values, responsibility and solidarity within the EU."

Every debate starts with keynote speakers who give their personal views on the subject. This time, two former ministers of the Government of Flanders opened the debate: Frank Vandenbroucke, Professor at KU Leuven, and Jos├ęphine Rebecca Vanden Broucke, Head of Unit at the European Parliamentary Research Service. After their contributions fifty participants divided into working groups, worked on a number of propositions.

Minister-president Bourgeois asked the Department of Foreign Affairs and vleva to organize this series of debates entitled "Towards a Flemish vision on the European Union". Koen Verlaeckt, Secretary-General of the Department of Foreign Affairs emphasized at the start of the seminar: "The purpose of the debates is clear. The Minister-president is interested in the views of civil society on the future of the EU. Not looking for the greatest common factor. and presenting it as the Flemish vision. But as a starting point for a political process that should culminate in May 2016 in a vision of the Government on the future of the European Union. "

On February 9, 2016 a third debate on the governance and democratic nature of the Union will close the series of debates.