End summer and winter time

The European Commission launched a proposal in September 2018 to stop the switch between winter and summer time. It is up to the Member States to choose whether they want to permanently apply winter or summer time in the future. The intention is that (neighboring) countries coordinate their possible adjustments so that the proper functioning of the internal market is guaranteed. Furthermore, the Commission wants to prevent fragmentation from happening by some Member States maintaining the switch between winter and summer time while it is removed elsewhere.  The Council decided that an impact assessment is required before it can reach a political agreement.

The Government of Flanders is in favor of a delay of at least 12 months from the deadline set by the European Commission to analyze all possible options, including the maintenance of the existing scheme, and to discuss it with the other Member States, neighboring countries in particular. An objective analysis and consultation with other Member States and neighboring countries will serve as the basis for a decision, rather than a public inquiry.

February 2019