Multiannual Financial Framework after 2020

The future Multiannual Financial Framework for the period 2021-2027 should, according to the Government of Flanders, focus on policies with high EU added value. The Commission proposal for expenditure in 2021-2027 is a turning point in this respect compared to 2014-2020 and Flanders broadly supports the proposed key policy choices. However, the Government of Flanders regrets that the proposals are blind to the consequences of the Brexit. The Commission's proposals contain insufficient tools to support countries and regions most affected by the Brexit. For the customs duties collected by the Member States, the Commission proposes to reduce reimbursement of collection costs from 20% to 10%, while additional expenses will be required for customs. In view of the planned departure of the United Kingdom, a reduction in the budget proposed by the Commission should also be negotiable, but the overall level of expenditure should be sufficient to be credible to the (new) priority challenges of the EU27. European investments can mean a win-win situation for the EU and Flanders if the right choices are made.

16 November 2018